Ocean Freight Market Rate: Carriers have effectively managed equipment supply through strategic evacuation and container control, addressing challenges in their networks. However, tight supply persists in certain regions, particularly in India, where surplus boxes have led to storage charges and heightened lease-hire rates.

Market Projection: Expectations suggest a soft market in the upcoming week, with rates anticipated to remain lower than buying costs. Key consortia, including CAT/CA2, NEAX, and ZIM/MSC, are navigating challenges, while Maersk’s SPoT rate adjusts to cater for increased bookings.

Regional Rate Highlights:

  • FAK rates from SEA origins extend for most carriers, with COSCO making sharp adjustments.
  • FAK rates to Australia West Coast remain stable, with a preference for COSCO, ONE, MSC, or PIL.
  • FAK rates from NEA origins to New Zealand face challenges due to weak demand.

Impact of Red Sea Crisis on Agri Exports: The Red Sea crisis-induced supply chain disruption has significantly affected Indian agricultural exporters. The soaring ocean rates and equipment availability issues have pushed agri trades to commercially unviable conditions. The Indian government’s recent move to liberalize aviation policy aims to facilitate air cargo movements and bolster export capacity.

Economic Impact: The crisis has led to a sharp drop in exports, impacting both the Indian economy and global markets, particularly in crucial commodities like rice and sugar. There are concerns that prolonged challenges may lead to a shift in buyers to alternative sourcing markets.

Aviation Policy Shift in India: In a significant development, India has liberalized its aviation policy to allow foreign cargo airlines to operate from all international airports for three years. This move aligns with the government’s ambitious target of achieving 10 million tonnes of air cargo trade by 2030, attracting new freight-only airline startups.

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