We want to inform you about recent updates to Neptune Pacific Direct Line’s (NPDL) services in the South Pacific islands region. In response to changing dynamics and customer needs, who have reshuffled their intra-South Pacific loops.

Here are the key changes:

  1. Tahiti Express Loop:
    • The ‘Samoa and Tonga Express’ service, which linked Auckland, Nuku’alofa, Pago Pago, and Apia, has been suspended.
    • The New Zealand-Tahiti ‘Tahiti Express’ loop has now incorporated the Nuku’alofa call once again, providing improved connectivity. The updated loop will turn in three to four weeks, with the NPDL TAHITI vessel calling at Auckland, Papeete, Nuku’alofa, and Auckland. NPDL plans to replace this ship with the NPDL CALIFORNIA, a 1,103 TEU vessel scheduled to phase in later this week.
  2. INTRAPAC Loop:
    • The ‘INTRAPAC’ loop, which previously covered Fiji, Tuvalu, Wallis & Futuna, and Kiribati, has undergone adjustments.
    • Noumea has been added to the loop, while Funafuti (Tuvalu) and Tarawa have been removed. These two ports will now be served by the reinstated ‘Fiji-Tuvalu-Kiribati’ service.
    • The revised ‘INTRAPAC’ loop will now serve Lautoka, Noumea, Suva, Mata-Utu (Wallis Island), and Leava (Futuna Island) using the 600 TEU SOUTHERN PEARL vessel every three weeks.
  3. Reinstated Fiji-Tuvalu-Kiribati Loop:
    • The ‘Fiji-Tuvalu-Kiribati’ service, covering Lautoka, Suva, Funafuti (Tuvalu), Tarawa, and Lautoka, has been reinstated.
    • The 679 TEU CAPITAINE KUPE vessel will offer sailings every three weeks between these ports.

Thank you for your support ex New Zealand to the Pacific Islanders, and welcome your enquiries.