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Cross Trade / Triangular Shipments

Living in New Zealand is great, and being and island nation is great. However comparatively our economy is a small and there is high competition in most industries.

If you are manufacturing your products abroad such as China or Vietnam, there is a way that we can send your shipments directly into Australia, USA, UK, Europe or any other market. This will save on transport costs, and also time to market. In some cases you will receive preferential duty rates as well.

Once your shipment is ready our partners at origin can co-ordinate the pick up and export formalities. We then talk to you about the shipping options, and once agreed instruct our partners how to ship.

Our destination partners will then handle your shipment professionally, and your client will only ever see the paperwork you want them to. We can create new shipping documents from yourself to your client so they do not see who the actual factory was.

The secret sauce for this type of shipping is having a very good network of global agents, and that is something we invest heavily in.

If you are currently shipping direct to clients, or interested in looking at it please contact us.

So now you can have the best of both worlds! If you do get enquiries for your products and want to ship direct from your manufacturer then talk to us first.

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