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The key to our great service is transparency, great service and competitive rates. Apart from that there is no secret sauce. We provide what we promise. Your business success is important to us, because frankly that leads to our business success! Our business is built on your business.

If you are a New Zealand SME that imports and / or exports we would like to hear from you. If you dont feel your current forwarder is providing the service you need then we can help. We are totally confident that our service, rates and communication will be a breath of fresh air.

As we head towards Christmas we are still experiencing large volumes inbound to New Zealand. Some shipping lines are refusing bookings for a month in advance, and not offering rates beyond that.

The best course of action is to get bookings in as early as possible and our team can let you know the best current options.

China will be back from their Mid Autumn Festival today so expect these issues to carry on until Christmas.

Sydney continues to clear congestion after their industrial action, again with backlogs but at least things are moving now.

Export space is still ok. If you are looking to negotiate rates for your 2021 export season now is the time. Don’t leave it much longer because the shipping lines will have committed their space allocations before Christmas.

As we head into the import peak season the shipping lines are continuing to control space to increase rates. The August 1st GRI’s have partially held and the shipping lines have issued notices advising of a USD 300/20′ and USD 600/40′ increase from Asia from sailings after September 1st.
There is still some space with some shipping lines, but to obtain the preferential rates it is best to book 2 – 3 weeks in advance.

Air freight rates have stabilized as the air lines have transitioned to a new model of cargo only flights, though the most important airline for us (Singapore Airline / SQ) is full and experiencing delays hubbing freight in Singapore.

Again the key is to get requests and orders in as early as possible as this gives the most options for your shipments.

New Zealand will move into level 2 lockdown from 11:59pm on the 13th of May.
This continues to ease restrictions on business with schools and restaurants also being allowed to operate.
There are still sanitary requirements and it may take some time for manufacturers to become fully operational again, but most businesses we work with are now running.
Sea freight continues to have capacity with rates stable or marginally lower after the Chinese New Year period.
Air freight is still at a premium for imports but we do have good options ex China, USA and Australia for you. Exports are the beneficiary of more airlines offering cargo only services on a scheduled basis – including Emirates (EK) now having 3 scheduled flights per week. They provide a major gateway to Europe and the Middle East via Dubai.

Air New Zealand and other airlines have re purposed their passenger aircraft to carry freight only. This means that we now have access to space to move your air freight shipments to/ from Shanghai, Hong Kong and Frankfurt to Auckland.

The aircraft that we are using for Shanghai have maintained their passenger status so we are able to move some forms of hand sanitiser (or unlimited quantities if it is not DG).

The reason Shanghai, Hong Kong and Frankfurt airports are so important is because they are gateways. So even if your airfreight shipment is not destined or from these areas it is likely we can connect with other airlines at these ports and move your shipments on.

Please contact us today to get your air freight shipments moving again.

Recently a client asked us to investigate the charges they had received from another freight company. Previously this client had used our services but had been presented with rates that appeared to be very competitive.

The Background

The client does buyer consolidations (BCN) shipments, where we collect goods from multiple suppliers in Europe and consolidate them in our partners store in Rotterdam. We then work out the most cost effective method of shipping products to New Zealand as they need them, and according to the projects they have on the go. We have multiple tools in our arsenal for this, including air freight, economy air freight, air / sea (we can fly the goods to a major hub in Asia and then sea to Auckland which saves about 3 – 4 weeks on the transit), premium sea freight and economy sea freight. We have very open dialogues with the client on this and keep the communication transparent.

The Story

This very large European freight company received the stock into their store ok, but with very little (and very confusing) communication with the client they shipped 23 cubic meters of product in a 40′ container. To put this into perspective we generally expect to get 28 cubic meters into a 20′ container, and up to 60 cubic meters into a 40′ container. They then shipped the goods on an economy sea freight service to Auckland. We remeasured and double checked the configuration of the freight and there would have been no issues loading in to a 20′ container. All product was loaded onto pallets so loading into a container would be straight forward.

On arrival into Auckland the Auckland office of this freight company invoiced the client at the premium 40′ sea freight rate (effectively doubling the cost of the shipment) and denied all responsibilities around having only a partly loaded container, lack of communication and not advising the client of the additional costs involved. The freight company still had control of the shipment so our poor friend had no access to his stock to even sell on and begin to cover the extra costs.

After two months of trying to negotiate a favorable outcome they asked NZ Freight to kindly to look into this for them. We read through all the correspondence and made note of the above points to them, and requested we reach some common ground and move on. They responded by saying that they had charged the 20′ rate even though the goods moved in a 40′ (this would mean that their 20′ rate is about 3 x the market rate) and threatened to get their “corporate lawyers involved”.

Wow! It is fair to say our friends have learnt their lesson!

In Conclusion

So in wrapping up the moral of the story is that bigger isn’t always better, at least when it comes to freight companies. Our advice is to work with some one local that really does have your best interests at heart, and are not just trying to fit your shipments into their corporate machine. Sometimes there is value that isn’t reflected in a nicely packaged quote.

As of 25th March at 11:59 New Zealand has gone in to lockdown to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Shipping, the ports and domestic transport are considered essential services so we can continue to operate. The major concerns are non essential shipments congesting ports and delaying the movements of essential goods (medical, food and associated products). Not all New Zealand based importers and exporters are allowed to receive shipments so please check first before trucking is arranged.

We do have facilities to store your products through this period, either in containers or loose so please do contact us if you have these requirements.

2nd quarter rates are due out next week, early indications are that LSS will come down but the shipping lines are keeping capacity tight to keep the rates higher.

Please take care out there.

As of 12pm tonight 15th March 2020 all passengers arriving into New Zealand must self isolate for 14 days. This is response into the outbreak of the Covid-19 Coronavirus. More information can be round here.

This is an unprecedented situation and in our view the right one to limit the spread of the virus.

Goods are still free to move across our border, but the flow on affect is that there is now a lack of passenger aircraft to move goods on, which is the majority of the capacity for airfreight to and from New Zealand.

The good news is that the Chinese ports are now operational except for Wuhan so the goods can start to flow. The reefer (refrigerated container) congestion in Shanghai is now starting to ease. So space in bound as sea freight is ok. Outbound it is currently export peak season so bookings need to be made 3 – 4 weeks in advance.

Please contact us if you have an requests and we will be give you fair assessment of your best shipping options.

The 2019 – 20 Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Season is coming to an end. We have received the below ruling from MPI regarding the final dates that overseas treatment is required:

The season dates are as follows: This section applies to all vehicles, machinery and parts (unless specified as being excluded), whether new or used, exported as break-bulk or in a container from Schedule 3 countries and exported on or after 1 September and arrive in New Zealand on or before 30 April of any year.

So if you ship your goods in April and they don’t arrive until May you do not have to treat.

Please keep this in mind when talking to us about shipping options over the next couple of months.

Major airlines and shipping lines have reduced services to / from China and New Zealand as a result of a decrease in demand due to the spread of the Wuhan Corona virus.

Due to lower tourist numbers we have seen a substantial decrease in options using passenger flights (PAX). All agreed rates have been voided and the airlines are only offering rates on a case by case basis.
When requesting a freight quote for importing goods from China or exporting goods to China by airfreight please provide the following information:
1) Ready Date
2) Accurate goods description
3) Dims and Weights
This will allow us to negotiate the best and most accurate rates for you.

Sea Freight:
The major shipping lines servicing NZ and China have blanked 3 sailings (cancelled 3 voyages) in successive weeks. We are now in peak season exports from NZ so space is very tight – as I write this on 25 Feb 2020 there is no space until the sailings at the end of March, and there is a large amount of overbooking.
Surprisingly the sea freight rates have remained constant, and the expected small decreases for import rates after Chinese New Year have still come in.
The market is expecting a very large bounce back in volumes as the factories in China prove they have the required safety measures in place and receive approval from the government to commence operations.

Volumes ex South East Asia remain consistent.

At this stage we have received no notice of increases in the Low Sulfur Surcharge for March.

Please contact us if you would like a review of your best current shipping options for your shipments to / from China and New Zealand.