Major airlines and shipping lines have reduced services to / from China and New Zealand as a result of a decrease in demand due to the spread of the Wuhan Corona virus.

Due to lower tourist numbers we have seen a substantial decrease in options using passenger flights (PAX). All agreed rates have been voided and the airlines are only offering rates on a case by case basis.
When requesting a freight quote for importing goods from China or exporting goods to China by airfreight please provide the following information:
1) Ready Date
2) Accurate goods description
3) Dims and Weights
This will allow us to negotiate the best and most accurate rates for you.

Sea Freight:
The major shipping lines servicing NZ and China have blanked 3 sailings (cancelled 3 voyages) in successive weeks. We are now in peak season exports from NZ so space is very tight – as I write this on 25 Feb 2020 there is no space until the sailings at the end of March, and there is a large amount of overbooking.
Surprisingly the sea freight rates have remained constant, and the expected small decreases for import rates after Chinese New Year have still come in.
The market is expecting a very large bounce back in volumes as the factories in China prove they have the required safety measures in place and receive approval from the government to commence operations.

Volumes ex South East Asia remain consistent.

At this stage we have received no notice of increases in the Low Sulfur Surcharge for March.

Please contact us if you would like a review of your best current shipping options for your shipments to / from China and New Zealand.