Shipping Carbon Offsets

Globalisation is great. Free trade stops wars and helps to bring the impovershed out of poverty. We can get fruit and vegetables out of season, the latest smart phone on its worldwide release date, and anyone with a good idea can manufacture and access markets worldwide.

But there is a cost to the enviroment. 

The enviromental impact of shipping is something we take seriously. Based on the Clean Cargo Working Group (CCWG) below is the CO2 emmissions from vairous transport modes:

Air Freight 552 g/ton-km

Road (Heavy Truck)  50 g/ton-km

Rail (Electric)  18 g/ton-km

Rail (Diesel) 17 g/ton-km

Container Ship (+8000TEU) 6.04 g/ton-km

NZ Freight can work with you to calculate and offset your shipping with some exceptional companies doing great work in repairing the enviroment.

Our Social Responsibility

Beyond working with you to minimise enviromental impacts NZ Freight offset our own green house gas emissions of our vehicle fleet and operations.

We also support Forest and Bird and volunteer to help New Zealand become pest free by 2050.

If you have any projects that you think we would be interested in please do get in touch, lets together and do our part to make the world a better place for future generations.

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