Overseas Agents

We build personal relationships with our overseas agents to give us confidence that the rates and service you receive are unparalleled. Many local international freight companies do not make the same investment, prefering to take the easier route of using a wholesale company with overseas offices. This can lead to service issues where your shipment is not the priority, and slower service levels and communication delays follow. 

 This is the key point of difference to NZ Freight’s service.

 Having hand picked overseas agents whom we have worked with for many years allows us to keep our clients shipping needs as our focus. It opens up communication channels and means we can offer a larger range of services. At the same time this keeps us locally focused, leaving our finger on the pulse locally and providing the best service to New Zealand based importers and exporters.

 Many of our overseas agents are leaders in their own markets and share our philosophies - namely that the customer is king. They have leverage and buying power, and know that each market has their own intricacies that only local professionals can understand.

The networks of overseas agents that we work with are elite. They are in top echelon of volumes moved in both air and sea freight, and even rail between Asia and Europe. They treat our clients as their own, and are comfortable trusting NZ Freight with their own clients when they have shipping requirements in New Zealand.

 Contact us today to experience the difference with a freight company that cares.

To our overseas partners:

Thank you! We appreciate your support, and we look forward to working with you for many years to come. 

NZ Freight remains at your service and totally focussed on providing the highest quality freight services in New Zealand.




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